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The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo: Our support for the beach volleyball team of Walkenhorst and Winter

Precision, stamina, speed, team spirit: These are the qualities that distinguish us as the masters of measurement. Qualities that are also called for in the sport of beach volleyball, which is why we are excited and honoured to be sponsoring the beach volleyball team of Walkenhorst and Winter on their journey towards the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Alexander Walkenhorst and Sven Winter have been training together for the Olympics since the start of 2017. The highly motivated pair have a great chance of success as they have been working with top trainers in an extremely professional set-up.

With a total 4.03 metres in height, they are capable of taking on the best in the world. Thanks to their physical and mental strength, they can heap pressure on any opponents over a long period and emerge victorious – something they have already demonstrated in tournaments.

The two likeable elite sportsmen have already attracted a loyal fanbase on social media. Alexander and Sven post regular news updates, information and videos on Facebook and YouTube. We are keeping our fingers crossed!