Orientation for planning and behaviour

Focus on quality

Our working day and our corporate planning are determined by rules, ideals and objectives. To express our corporate self-image we have developed a mission statement that says who we are, what is important to us and what our objectives are. Based on this corporate structure we intend to further-develop the company in the future.


As a service provider for optical measuring, sorting, packaging, labelling and the transportation of mass-produced components we are one of the leading companies when it comes to flexibility, speed and quality. We want to use our services to solve problems that require constant improvements and innovations. Our customers can always rely on us to provide quality, safety and stable prices. Teamwork is very important for us and we practice an "open door" policy which means that all our members of staff can approach anyone within the company whenever they want.


Our leading principle with regard to our work and our dealings with other is 100% quality. We are friendly, open, honest and obliging with each other and with our business partners.


With new customers at home and in neighbouring countries, we are growing steadily. Small parts manufacturers from all industries with parts made of various materials put their trust in us. Through our own developments and by optimising industry standards, we achieve a high technical level. In doing this we extend the technical conditions of optical image processing and patentable testing standards.