From passion to perfection

Results with 100% quality

A meticulous approach to contract measuring technology

If the results of our production consist purely of good parts then we have achieved our common goal. However, getting there is a major challenge for all those involved. We carry out our part with 100% diligence. Above all, this involves highly qualified personnel. At allomess GmbH you will only find professional contact partners who strive to adapt processes to customer requirements and act as problem solvers. We answer all questions immediately over the phone. We react and make decisions fast. On-time delivery, including rush orders and enquires, are as much part of our promise of quality as our 100% product quality.

Accurate and reliable - allomess sets standards in contract measuring technology

Our 25 staff members live and breathe precision in development, construction and services. We are there for you 24 hours a day 360 days a year. The standards and requirements of the automobile industry are considered the most challenging in the manufacturing sector. We fulfil these standards and requirements and transfer the same demands to products from other industries for the benefit of our customers. The high quality in testing and sorting and the 100% control associated with it help make flawless products. By continuously improving all adjustment screws, 5 µ reproducibility is possible, even with 400 parts per minute. After the measuring process, the tested parts are carefully packaged and labelled. If requested, we can arrange delivery and pick-up with our own lorry. In this way we lose no time and are able to react very flexibly.


Reliable contract measuring technology using SAP

For us, quality means the highest safety standards. We carry out our scheduling using SAP only and you receive a certificate for every testing job. By using state-of-the-art IT technology, we achieve high process and data security. To protect against against power-cuts, we have installed special power-supply equipment to make sure our testing facilities stay available.