Looking towards the future

Responsibility for people and the environment

We believe that all our members of staff should be given the same opportunities. We are willing to provide them with further training and opportunities and we also do everything to promote their safety and health as they are our most important production factor. The special lighting and the excellent air conditioning in the production area also contributes to a comfortable working environment.

We feel an obligation not only to our staff but also to the environment. We believe our commitment should go beyond the specifications set out in the ISO certification on environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Throughout the entire IT infrastructure, we have reduced the use of paper to a necessary minimum. Furthermore we installed a solar power plant to produce our own energy.

We feel obliged to carry out additional improvements to preserve resources and innovations in these areas.

We meanwhile cover all the power needs for our day shift using solar energy. We also have the first electrical vehicles in use and we also support our customers’ electromobility with a 22 kW charging station.