Flawless right from the word "Go"

Initial sampling as a benchmark for mass-produced goods

Do you need to manufacture new turned parts, bent parts, punched parts, milled parts, cold-formed parts, die cast parts or other mass-produced components? Are you using modified tools? Have you changed your specifications? In such cases, initial sampling is recommended.

As part of initial sampling, we are able to test parts of up to 80 x 80 mm2 in various shapes and with various testing parameters. We can also carry out surface inspections on request. We can accept up to 100 parts for each order. By using a Keyence projector in our laboratory, we are able to make highly precise, automated measurements with the latest image processing technology; these are reproducible up to 2 µ and have a sub-pixel algorithm that is precise to 1/10 pixel.

The evaluations can be presented in many different ways; for example with standard deviations, cpk and according to the Gaussian distribution.