Leaving nothing to chance

Packaging with high standards of quality

Our dedication to precision does not stop at testing and sorting. The precisely-counted packaging of parts is just as important. To do this we use highly precise scale counters, an automated packaging facility or one of our self-developed tubular bag facilities. The goods can be packaged, bagged and labelled in various ways. Labelling is carried out with VDA labels – also under the strictest of controls.

On duty round the clock

Logistics as part of the inspection order

We work on our customers' behalf 24 hours a day. Our own fleet includes a 18-ton truck, which, when equipped with a trailer, becomes a 32-ton truck. We pick up goods and deliver on time, when the order is completed.

So as to guarantee that your inspection order is processed smoothly, please ensure that the testing and measuring parts are homogeneous, dry and free of grease and dirt. And don't forget to provide enough empty containers for fault-free and faulty goods.