No chance for bad parts

Contract testing and contract sorting – a major undertaking

By optimising all areas – both testing procedures and feeding technology – we can control, classify and sort mass-produced and bulk parts at a rate of up to 750 parts per minute.

We can process lot sizes of 10,000 to 1,000,000 items up to a maximum size of 80 mm x 80 mm. Finished parts such as turned parts, bent parts, punched parts, milled parts, cold-formed parts, die cast parts and connecting elements are tested with up to 5 µ reproducibility for dimensional accuracy, geometry, contour accuracy, hardness, surface, assembly completeness and contamination.

Contracting sorting with 100% control

We carry out 100% control using optical image processing systems and general measuring technologies. We check the optics with grid plates and then we pre-calibrate the measurement.

By using a Keyence projector we are able to calibrate our measuring devices ourselves and can thus ensure an interruption-free testing process.

allomess sets standards in contract measurement

Once the test is finished, we sort out and prepare for packaging only flawless products – such as those required by the automobile industry. We then create machine capability analyses and the necessary documentation.